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GSoC '24 Progress: Week 1 and 2


Hi! It has been over two weeks since the coding period began. In this blog post, I will provide a brief summary of my work during the first two weeks.

After spending some time reviewing the code, I decided to start by refactoring the existing code related to ASS format subtitles. This has two main goals: first, to enable Kdenlive to read as much information as possible from ASS subtitles (specifically, the features supported by libass) and load it into the memory; and second, to ensure that Kdenlive can save all this information back to the file. Since SubtitleModel already contains a significant amount of code for ASS format subtitles, my work mainly involved refining and expanding upon this existing code while maintaining compatibility.

So far, I have accomplished the following:

  • Added initial support for reading and saving embedded fonts in ASS subtitles
  • Optimized the storage method for subtitle styles
  • Migrated from V4Style to V4+Style

Tasks still to be completed:

  • Modify m_subtitleList to accommodate more information.
  • Write unit tests for each feature

Once these steps are completed, we will have more comprehensive support for ASS format subtitles, marking the end of this phase of the ASS code refactoring. The next focus will be on refactoring the functionality for modifying subtitle styles. These two parts will be my primary focus for the next two weeks. Stay tuned!